Evaluating My Engrave Experience


It's Sunday and the sun is shining, though it is a bit colder than the latest days.

Evaluating Engrave

So let's evaluate my current experience with @engrave.

I told you in my first Engrave post yesterday about the issues that I ran into, specifically that the editor did not work well on my phone, and that they did not upload any images, just linked to them.

Now about the editor, it turns out it was tied to phones, not laptops, so with a normal computer I can write my posts just fine, but not on my phone even though writing it in Keep and then copy and paste it into the posts body without touching anything afterwards did work.

But when it comes to the images, the only way to get them uploaded is to edit the post afterwards in Steemit, not a pretty solution but it works.

The Engrave Team

I also got a comment from the Engrave team and they said that they are currently working on an update that they plan to release the coming weeks, and that it will both update the editor to a mobile friendly one and update handling of images to allow for uploading them directly.

So if this works out as planned Engrave will work well for writing and editing posts on both mobile and computer, now that is promising.

Why Engrave?

Now why would there be a need for Engrave in the first place?

Well, the fact that you can have your own topdomain, like a .com or similar for your Steem blog, and that you can have Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is very attractive to a lot of people, especially to those who want to get traffic and readers to their blog from outside of the Steem network.

Driving Steem Adoption

So this is really all about driving Steem adoption, anyone outside of Steem and many inside wants to have their own domain name for their blog, and with this solution they can have that.

This makes Steem more useful to a lot of people and they will be more inclined to use it as their preferred blogging solution rather than using something else.

It's therefore my hope that this will be fixed as soon as possible so that I can recommend it as a solution to the people who wants this functionality.

Blogging With Steemit

Now I said before that I would include Engrave in my ebook Blogging With Steemit, and as soon as this is updated and I can confirm that it works I will be happy to do so, until then I will wait for the update to come out.

And if you would like to have a copy of this ebook you can get one for free by joining me on Discord, just look under Free Downloads once you are in.


Thank You!

That's it for today.

Thank you for reading, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and have a nice day and a Happy Easter.

Erik Gustafsson