Engrave For Affiliate Marketers #3 - Posting With Engrave

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Posting With Engrave

So in this post I want to go more into detail about using Engrave to publish posts on your own domain, as well as Steem and CTPtalk, and if you wonder what Engrave is then it's a dApp on the Steem blockchain where you can have your Steem and CTPtalk blog with your own domain name, and I have talked about this dApp in previous posts in this series, what it is and what's the use case for affiliate marketers, and how to set it all up.

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Write A Post

Writing a post in Engrave is almost the same as writing it in most other dApps on the Steem blockchain, you have a title and then your content written in Markdown and your tags (up to 5), but Engrave also have some features that is unique and you won't find them anywhere else.

Now to write a new post you just click on Write New in the sidebar and you will be taken to the post editor.

Screenshot from Engrave

This is how the top looks like, and here you type in your Title, and you can also view your permlink, make it a great title and remember the ACA formula, Attention, Curiosity, Action.

Screenshot from Engrave

Screenshot from Engrave

And here you have the content editor, and as you can see it's all in Markdown, and you can pull up a guide for that by clicking on the question mark in the editor toolbar.

It's also capable of uploading images, though it's only Drag and Drop, or Copy and Paste, so I have not been able to get it working on my tablet or phone, but it should work fine on a laptop or desktop computer.

What I do instead is to upload all images for my post to Imgur, and they also have an app that is fully integrated with my photo and files apps, so it's as easy as just selecting them and share them to Imgur, and I do it all at once so they end up in the same album, and then I just tap and hold on the image to get a menu where I can copy the image link, and that link is what I use to show the image in my post with the Markdown image code.

Screenshot from Engrave

There is also a post preview available, you just click on the eye in the editor toolbar to switch between the editor and the preview.

Screenshot from Engrave

Next comes the Blog Categories, and the blog categories are set in the Blog Settings, each category becomes it's own menu item in your blogs menu, and you can add multiple categories to the same post, and they are only for your blog and not for Steem or CTPtalk.

The Blockchain Tags are for Steem and CTPtalk and any other dApp on the Steem blockchain, and Engrave allows you to set up to 5 tags, so if you want more you can edit the post from another interface and add them afterwards.

Screenshot from Engrave

Then comes the Featured Image, and this is only for your Engrave blog, but it's also the same image that you set to show on your posts if you use another dApp, like in Steempeak for example you can select which image that you want to show as a thumbnail.

But it's important to set this image here, and that's because it will show when you share your Engrave post on social media and such, and you do this by clicking on the frame and then select which image to upload.

And if you want this image to show in other dApps you also need to include it in the post content, the downside with that is like in my posts it shows twice on my Engrave blog, but I do want it to show both on social media and on other Steem interfaces.

Last is the Publish section, and normally that blue button would say Save Draft or Update Draft, but as the post from this screenshot has already been published it says Visit On Blog, just note that you manually have to save the draft since there is no autosave, and once you are ready to post click on Publish to post it.

Now it's up on your Engrave blog and all other Steem interfaces, and as I said if you want to add more tags just go to CTPtalk or your preferred dApp to edit them in.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, I hope it has been helpful and that you where able to understand how it all works, if you have any questions just drop a comment below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

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