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What Is Engrave?

So Engrave is a dApp on the Steem blockchain located on Engrave.website, and with this dApp you can publish posts on the Steem blockchain and use your own domain name, instead of only your Steem username.

Screenshot from Engrave

As the domain you can get a free subdomain from them, mine is flaxz.dblog.org, or you can buy a domain name from them or use your own that you have with another registrar, you can even have multiple domains on the same account.

Engrave For Affiliates

Now if you are an affiliate marketer and maybe even involved in ClickTrackProfit and CTPtalk, then you probably know the importance of having your own domain when it comes to branding yourself and being visible across the internet, and this is where Engrave comes in.

If you already have your own Wordpress blog then you can just install the Steempress plugin, and it will automatically publish your posts to the Steem blockchain, but if not then this means you don't need your own hosting to blog on your own domain.

Issues And Updates

Not so long ago this dApp made a major update and they now have more themes than before and you can even have multiple users posting on the same domain, plus the editor also works great on mobile devices, and that latter part was my main reason to stop using it before, but now that works and I can create and publish posts once again.

Uploading images is another feature that they added with this update, unfortunately I have not been able to make it work on my tablet since it's drag and drop, so the images in this post has been uploaded to Imgur instead.

Another thing is that you can so far only publish your posts with up to 5 tags, but it's easy to just edit in another dApp afterwards and include more if you need that.

That is basically what you need to keep in mind compared to other dApps.


One really great feature with Engrave is that you can create Categories, and you do that in your blog settings, and then select which categories you want to post to.

Now these categories are separate from the categories in Steem and it's just for your blog, and each category gets it's own place in the menu on your blog, and that means you can very easily organize your posts this way.

Categories are not pages though, but since they do show up as separate menu items you can still use them in a much similar manner if you are a bit smart about it.

SEO And Analytics

Apart from the title and the slogan of your blog you also have some other settings for SEO and Analytics that can be very useful.

You can set a default image for your blog that will show when you share it to other social media, and also a default description of your blog.

It's also possible to include the ID for Google Analytics and get verified with the Webmaster Tools.

Other than that it's like any other interface, you need to think about your post title and keywords and also tag it properly, plus of course write great content, to rank well in the search engines.

Give It A Try

There is a lot more to say about this dApp, but I don't want to waste your time, and I also want to use these new features a bit more and get familiar with them before sharing any more about it.

So I warmly suggest that you give it a try, and see if you have use for it when it comes to your needs with your own domain, and as I said the subdomains are free, so there is not really anything to lose if you start with that.

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, I hope you found it useful, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

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