Update On My Lists And Ebooks - New Graphics And Updated LCP's

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SBI Giveaway Ended

So as I have mentioned before in this post, Update On My SBI Giveaway - It Ends On Friday, the SBI Giveaway that I have had running for my lists have now ended, and I have taken this opportunity to also make some minor updates for my lists.

New Graphics

The first thing that I have updated is the banners that I have had for them, and quite needed since they also featured SBI, and this is how they look like now.


Graphics made in Canva

Updated Lead Capture Pages

I have also made some minor updates to my LCP's for these lists, and you can check that out by yourself by clicking on the banners above, that will take you directly to them.

The main difference is that there are no longer any mention of SBI, and that also includes in the email follow up series.

Plus I have also made some bullet points for each LCP, I don't know if this is an improvement, but I have included one of them in the gauntlet to get some feedback, and if you want you can also give some feedback in the comments below.

More Updates Ahead

So I also have plans to update the Thank You pages that I have for them, and to make 2 for each since I just have one for each, and that's the confirmed opt-in page, @blainjones convinced me to make 2 for each, so that is coming soon.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, and please tell me what you think about these updates in the comments, and ...

Stay Awesome!

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Graphics made in Canva