Engrave For Affiliate Marketers #5 - Engrave Has Moved To Hive - What Has Changed?

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Engrave Has Moved To Hive

So when the Hive fork from Steem took off almost 1 and a half week ago a lot of dApps and what I think is a majority of the Steem community went with Hive, and Engrave is one of the dApps that did so, and it moved over completely to Hive and not staying on Steem, so what does this change mean to you and to your blog?

And also what has changed since I wrote my original series about Engrave For Affiliate Marketers?

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Hive Logo

What Has Changed?

Other than being on Hive instead of Steem, not that much has changed really, your blog is still there and the posts too, plus the dashboard has not changed, so you can make posts just like you did before.


Some things have changed though, and to begin with Engrave has rebranded as dBlog.org, and this is their new logo.

Screenshot from dBlog.org

They still do have a few places to update with this new logo, the dashboard still says Engrave, but the Engrave website redirects to the new domain, or rather new home domain since they have owned it for quite a while, after all I am using a dBlog.org subdomain.


If you have been logging in with Steemconnect before, then you will now login with Hivesigner, it's the same authentication tool but for the Hive blockchain instead.

Screenshot from dBlog.org

Your username and your Keys and Passwords are also the same as you used on Steem.

Screenshot from Hivesigner

What About Your Posts On Steem?

So as I said before this was a fork, and a hardfork to be specific, resulting in 2 blockchains that goes in different directions from the time when the fork occurred.

All posts that you have made on Engrave before the fork took place is therefore on both blockchains, but posts that you make after the fork is only on Hive, and the posts you see on your dBlog.org blog is also just from Hive regardless of when they where posted.

This means that the same posts are on 2 blockchains for the posts you made before the fork, maybe you are ok with that and like the increased reach of having your content on both, or maybe you are not, since it could mess up the canonical links of your blog and give it a lower ranking, because of it no longer pointing to the Steem blockchain.

Now if you really want to do something about that there is a tool that goes through all or select posts on the Steem blockchain and prunes the content, plus leaves a link to your content on the Hive blockchain.

It is made by the same developer as dBlog.org and you can find the updated version in this post, Even better Steem Pruner on the @engrave account.

But as I said it's all up to you, I am not sure if or when I will do that myself, and I have not done it so far, but I might do it in the future.


So to conclude there are some smaller changes, but for the most part it's all the same as before, and for your dBlog.org blog you will hardly notice them.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, and I hope you had great use of the info it provided, and if you have any questions just drop me a comment, and ...

Stay Awesome!

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