Third Update 1000 SP Delegation Giveaway - All Spots Taken, Maybe?

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Third Update 1000 SP Delegation Giveaway

So this is the third update of my 1000 SP Delegation Giveaway for signing up to my ebook, and you can read aboud the launch and all previous updates in the posts linked below, plus all requirements to qualify.

  1. Ebook Just Launched: CTP Makes You Money - Plus Giveaway Of 1000 Steem Power Delegation
  2. Update 1000 Steem Power Delegation - Thank You For Signing Up To My Ebook
  3. Second Update 1000 SP Delegation Giveaway - There Are 2 Spots Left

These delegations come as an 18 week lease from the Market, and I am very happy to say that all previous paid leases has now been filled.

New Subscribers Qualified For 50 SP Delegation Each

So since the last update there are now 15 subscribers, 3 more than before, and 1 of them already owned more than 500 SP.

Of the other 2 I have been in contact with 1, and will get confirmation later if they have a Steem account, the other 1 I don't know who it is or if they have a Steem account.

This is why I said Maybe?, because they might have a Steem account and be qualified, or they might not in which case there are 1 or 2 spots still open.

I will keep you all updated about the development.

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Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, and do check out my ebook if you want to know more about ClickTrackProfit, and ...

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