My Strategy Going Forward


It's Tuesday and really warm outside.


So I have been talking a lot about @engrave lately, what it is, why it's important, and some of the current problems it has.

My hope is that they will have those problems sorted out soon, but in the meantime I can't just wait for that to happen.

Let's talk strategy

So let's talk about my strategy going forward, and what my plans are.

As I have said before my 2 ebooks Blogging With Steemit and Fund Your Steem Adventure - Without Taking Money From Your Own Pocket, which you can download for free by joining me on Discord, is just the start since they describe How to use Steem and so on.

What is coming next is the Why, the reasons and motivations for using it, and I have decided to get affiliate marketers to see the Steem network as the solution to their blogging needs.

Now in order to do that there is also a need to look at things from their perspective and what they want and what they need to get to their goals.

The mind of an affiliate

So what does motivate an affiliate, what do they want, and what do they need to get there?

An affiliate is someone that promotes and recommends products and services for a commission of the sales that they generate.

This commission can for the most part be put into 2 categories, one time commissions on single sales, and residual commissions from some type of a subscription.

A single sale can for example be to sell an ebook, the customer pays once and not continually.

And a webhosting subscription is an example of somthing that is paid over and over.

So an affiliate wants to drive sales of products and services in these 2 categories to earn commissions and make money, that's what drives them.

What do they need?

Now this is a very important question, exactly what do they NEED to reach those goals?

So first of all they need some kind of presence online, like a blog, social media and so on, a platform where they can speak to prospective customers about things that they are interested in.

Or they can also monetize what they are talking about, their passions, to recommend products and services that their audience might find interesting.

Now this is of course where the Steem network comes in, this can be that platform, their blog and social media.

What more?

However just recommending products and services directly is not really ideal.

Those are not really your business, even if you get paid by them, so therefore what is needed is a salesfunnel.

A salesfunnel is a construct where the customer usually gets somthing for free, and most of the time of a certain value in and out of itself, but to implement it there is a need for some additions to make it work.

Like for example you can download WordPress for free but you need hosting to make it work.

So what does an affiliate need to construct a salesfunnel?

Well the easiest salesfunnel is just a free ebook, and with affiliate links inside that is needed to make the knowledge in it work.

And since we talk about affiliates here, they do not prefer Discord, which many on Steem does, but they prefer email.

So to give away this ebook for free they need an autoresponder, where prospective customers can sign up with their email to get it.

The ebook and the possibility to follow up with email makes the funnel the business of the affiliate, together with the platform they have their presence on.

This is ideal since it provides branding and communication, which leads to trust, and people do prefer to do business with someone they trust.

Back to my plans

So back to my plans, and what this have to do with it.

As we have discussed above, in order to drive Steem adoption affiliates have to see the Steem network as their solution for a blogging platform.

Therefore I will build salesfunnels in the form of ebooks looking at affiliate marketing from different pespectives and that solves certain problems, using tools they are familiar with like an autoresponder and recommending that they build there online presence on Steem.

So those are my plans right now, and I have several ideas for how to implement them, just keep following me to find out.

That's it for today.

Thank you for reading, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and have a nice day.

Erik Gustafson